Ogden Group

Ogden Group is an international group of manufacturers and distributors, that together, offer the world’s only one stop complete manufacturing solution to companies within the wood industry. Ogden Group has been actively servicing the woodworking industry since 1983.

Our product lines include machinery used in all phases of manufacturing within the wood industry. We specialize in the design and manufacture of custom systems.

Ogden Sales LLC

Ogden Sales Group is very active in the area of thin-cutting technology. Over the years, the company has invested a significant amount of time and expense developing and promoting the thin-cutting frame saw method for cutting veneer slats. This includes identifying areas that would benefit from thin-cutting technology, and then applying the technology to unique applications that were formerly produced via a more traditional method; ie. bandsaw, circular saw, etc. As the demand for machinery to cut veneer products with minimal waste has increased, we have dedicated ourselves to finding the best possible solutions for these companies.

Ogden Sales Group also distributes the Rotoplane Rotary Planer for the calibration of various products

Our commitment to the wood industry over the past 35 years continues with quality machinery, service, and parts. Our staff is continually working to provide our customers with superior service and the latest in technology, making Ogden Sales Group a world leader in woodworking machinery.

Industries Served

Ogden Sales Group has placed thin-cutting frame saws into a variety of woodworking industries that include the furniture, window, door, flooring, musical instrument, and other industries benefitting from our thin-cutting technology. As environmental issues and lumber supply and cost become more of a concern; thin-cutting technology will increasingly be implemented in many areas of the woodworking industry.

RFS Protech

RfsProtech manufactures several models of High Frequency Edge and Face Glue Presses and Gluers for the high speed curing of wood in applications such as door stiles and rails, windows, door frames, cabinets and furniture. The popular SL model is compact and requires minimal floor space, but has the capability for high production while providing consistent glue joint strength. We also manufacture several large radio frequency press systems which utilize generators as big as 200 kW. Material handling systems for these presses can be designed to the customer’s specifications. Our newest glue press is the high speed Continuous Roll Press (CRP14) which uses PUR hot melt glue.

Veneer Forming Systems for the manufacture of radial components are also manufactured and distributed to industries pressing and laminating veneers into half-round, arch and elliptical shapes. The PT series ends the need for fixtures and forms, allowing for quick and easy set-up of custom parts.

RfsProtech recently introduced the DRS300 Wood Repair System to repair cracks and knot defects in wood.

Neva Trade S.R.O

Our Services


Precisioned Manufactured Parts

Ogden Group has placed considerable time and resources into creating a state of the art manufacturing facility. This facility houses several fully-automated, numerically-controlled machining centers. Computer generated technical drawings and programs are produced by our engineering staff and then downloaded directly into the machining centers within the plant. In keeping with the latest technological advances in manufacturing, Ogden Group has been able to produce machinery and parts that meet the highest standards of accuracy and quality.


Our machines are assembled by a team of engineers and staff who are involved not only in the assembly of the machinery, but in the installation of the equipment in the field, as well. This unique approach ensures our combined knowledge and dedication to the products that we sell and produce.

Machine and Spare Parts

Recently, Ogden Group has added an additional 20,000 sq. ft. to its existing plant, for a total of 40,000 sq. ft.. This has allowed us to expand our machining, fabrication and assembly areas, and has offered more space for machinery testing and demonstrations.

We have a large spare parts inventory for all Ogden Sales Group and RfsProtech machinery, and also stock spare parts for other makes and models of Radio Frequency presses.

Engineering, Research and Development

The engineering team at Ogden Group is dedicated to developing new methods that will improve productivity, safety and new innovations within the industry. We understand that each customer's needs are unique and we are committed to providing any customized modifications that are necessary to support our customer's specific applications.

Service & Technical Support

Our service department provides phone support, installation, troubleshooting, maintenance, and in-house training. Our technical support team begins to work with the customer, even before the sale, by helping the customer determine their machinery needs.

Once the customer purchases a system, Ogden Group offers in-house and site training on all equipment purchased.

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