Horizontal Band Saws

Ogden Sales Group is pleased to announce the newest addition to their machinery line, the ReMax CNC Resaw . The ReMax is a heavy-duty, horizontal Resaw that is being used in a wide range of applications including, flooring, windows, doors, furniture, musical instruments, and many other areas requiring veneer products and resawing. Unlike other resaws, the ReMax CNC machine is built from solid cast iron, incorporates a durable and effective guiding system and uses thin-kerf saw blades under high tension. The resaw produces a smooth and glueable surface with superior tolerances. Its modular construction gives your company room to grow; the resaw can be purchased as a single, stand-alone unit or additional units can be added as production requirements demand. Cutting widths up to 20” and feed speeds from 10 – 200 ft/min.