Thin Cutting Frame Saw

Thin-cutting frame saws are used in the production of veneer slats/lamellae for the wear layers used on engineered flooring, stiles and rails, etc.  The frame saws use multiple, thin blades that produce a smooth finish, ideal for face-glueing.  Because of the thin kerf blades, the frame saw is able to cut accurate veneer slats with less waste (up to 30%), ie. instead of getting 4 veneers out of a given block you may get up to 6 veneer slats. This is especially important when cutting more expensive woods such as oak, mahogany, maple, cherry and other exotic species.  An optional channel guide allows for feeding up to 5 blocks of wood through the machine simultaneously.

Some of the more common industries where a frame saw can be found would include door companies who are making engineered stiles and rails, companies who are making radial half rounds for windows and doors,  companies who are making engineered flooring, furniture companies, musical instruments such as guitars and a variety of other industries.

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